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Beginning the Spring Clean - luxury pod landscaping

Updated: Mar 7

In preparation for our remodelling of the meadow garden areas around and between our luxury pods Rowan and Hornbeam, we've been doing a bit of hard labour - luxury pod landscaping - when the weather has allowed..

Actually it's been lovely getting out there and tidying up hedgerows and grassy banks during the welcome few sunny days we've had recently.

As you can see in the pictures below, hedgetrimmers, bushwacker, shears, rakes and trusty quad bike and trailer have all been put to task. Plenty more to do before we can start planting, but it's nice to make a start. And just as we finished, we were treated to a lovely purple sunset...

PS - did you know you can walk along the top of a Cornish hedge? If made properly - ours are made largely of granite rocks and boulders with the vegetation growing in between - you can. It makes trimming the tops a bit easier if somewhat precarious at times!

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