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See Those Trees Grow!

It's amazing to see how well most of the (500+) trees we planted a little over a year ago are doing.

Many of them have grown from 15-20cm saplings, to young trees over 1-1.5m tall already!

Particularly impressive are some of the young Oaks (I thought they were slow growing - it seems not!), the Wild Cherries and Rowans too. Hazels, Beeches, Hawthorns, Spindles, Hornbeams, Crab Apples and Field Maples are also all doing well. The only ones struggling seem to be the Douglas Fir and Birch trees, most of the latter seem to have failed to grow (maybe we planted a little too late for them) but the rest are doing marvellously!

See which ones you can name in the slideshow below, taken a few days ago...

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