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Part 2 - Getting Ready

So, we knew what we wanted to achieve and had a good idea how to get there - it was literally just down the lane....!

Let's take a walk..

Past the 'outhouse', the glamping field beckons..

Approaching the entrance

And in we go.. please close the gate after you (it's a working farm area don't you know)

The site car park, 'au naturel'... two cars only please

Down towards the pods-site-to-be... Spartacus leading

"Keep Up!"

Moving the odd rock or two, with a bit of help..

Digging ditches, laying pipes and cables... "I used to be an Engineer you know...."

Digging big holes..

Then putting big things into them (A Kingspan Clearwater 2800L Septic Tank in this case)

(Check out the level... :-) )

Digging the drainage field...

Then laying the filtration system into it

Building the base for the first pod... Haven't decided on names yet..

First attempt at stone walling!

Ditto for the second pod, a bit further down the field

And finally, reinforcing the entrance track, courtesy of MudControl slabs and several dumpy bags of 20mm Cornish granite gravel. Spartacus supervising...

Nearly ready for the arrival of the pods!!!

To Be Continued....

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