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Part 4 - What's next..?

So, the pods are in place, and we are starting to fit them out. Electricity, water and waste services are all connected up. Bottled gas for the water heaters and hobs is being connected and commissioned soon. Outside seating is being assembled, and firepits will be built shortly...

Oh, and did we mention the Woodland....?

Ok these are actually the Nearly There trees; visitors to Cornwall via the A30 will be familiar...

We decided to continue our green theme, and contacted the Woodland Trust for advice about planting some trees. They sent out a very nice consultant who created a report and a design for us to review and then submitted it to the Trust. We subsequently got approved under their woodland planting scheme, and now we have a plan to plant 525 trees and shrubs, mostly in the field containing the pods! A mixture of woodland species, these will be stands and small copses of Beech, Oak, Maple, Sweet Chestnut, Wild Cherry, Birch, Rowan and Hornbeam.....

They are being planted to be sympathetic with the existing trees and hedges, and so as not to impact our existing spectacular views. We hope that over time they will add significantly to the diversification of wildlife and birds in the area.

This has also given us inspiration for finally naming the pods....

We have chosen the names Rowan and Hornbeam for our first and second pods respectively and we will be building on this theme as we go forward.

Rowan :- "Bane of witches, diviner of the future and producer of jam, the Rowan is an elegant and mystical tree and is a favourite for wildlife"

Hornbeam :- "Gnarled and mighty, the Hornbeam is as tough as they come. Its year-round leaf cover makes it a winter haven for wildlife"

So, over the next few weeks we'll be busying ourselves getting the inside of the pods ready and planting trees....

We look forward to welcoming you to stay in Rowan or Hornbeam soon!

Our plan is to be ready and open in time for Easter (mid-April 2022)

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